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I love staring at photographs of my family members, some I loved, and some I've never met, working to map out each branch of our family tree in my head. I stare at the photos of my family before me and soak in their smiles. I stare at photos of my parents and brother holding me as a baby and I can almost remember the vastness of their joy and excitement for the future wrapping me in their arms. Now I create these memories and photos with my family and for each family I work with. There is nothing more beautiful to me than creating stunning photographs of  important and everyday life moments for my clients. Photos are  how we tell our unique stories. 

My goal is to connect with those in front of my lens.  I care about the little things, and pay attention to every detail. I want to capture every cherished moment, every real kiss, and every true belly laugh. I care so deeply about each and every session, and want the experience and final product to only be the very best.  I want to help you create memories and capture them beautifully!

Beatrice Phelps Kouvalis


Most of my memories from growing up include time spent at our family-owned movie theater. It was majestic and inspired my love  of film and storytelling. I dreamed of making movies that would touch people's lives. When I create a wedding film for a couple, I am able to capture the magic of their wedding, tell the story of their love, and memorialize it in a beautiful movie that they get to watch and rewatch and share with loved ones for generations to come.  It's the best job!

Demetri Phelps Kouvalis

We are the ones behind the cameras. We met six years ago and began building a life together that combines both of our passions: photography, film, our dog Lola and cat Olive, the best food, travelling, bad reality tv, and talking to each other in weird voices 100% of the time. We can't wait to meet you!

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