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Manic Manhattan Merriment

a very delayed post...

We took a trip to New York City for a day (actually about 12 hours) during the holidays. We saw Waitress, a broadway musical that was unbelievably well acted and sung. It was my first actual New York Broadway show and it was the best musical I have ever seen. It struck every perfect chord, joy sadness, sorrow and longing for a different life, things that everyone can relate to, all baked into a delicious pie.

Macy's lights up with music and technicolor joy at 5pm during this holiday season...

It was Demetri's first visit to New York. He looked excited and overwhelmed all at once. We ate great Italian food, sipped rich coffee and had decadent donuts at Dough Donuts (OMG!!! you have to go!!) The city was full of lights and people we smashed up against each other to get the fullest glimpse of the joy we had all travelled to experience. It was a whirlwind trip but worth it indeed.

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