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Project 365 January 1-10

I often live life mindlessly, forgetting the moments of each of day sometimes even before it has ended. This year I will capture a photograph of something beautiful every day. 365 photos to catalogue a year in my life. I am going to work hard to post more than just selfies and photos of Lola (my dog).

January 1

Demetri and I went to dinner with his mother and grandmother for New Years. We had to wait for a very long time for our table. In that time, she told us of Polish medical remedies with lemon and garlic and I caught this photo of her--gentle and warm.

January 2

It is a Greek tradition to put a coin in the traditional New Years cake and serve and eat it on New Year's Day. The person to find the coin in their slice of cake is said to receive good luck all year long. Well, the "Greek-est" of them all, Demetri, got the coin in his slice. I think it worked because he received more than one job offer the week after this day. #Luckallyearlong

January 3

This photo is of a sunset that I caught through the windshield while driving home. In real life, the sunset was gorgeous, but I didn't think I captured anything particularly colorful or interesting in the picture. It was getting very dark but he sky was still so bright. And then, I got to make it look like a neon poster.

January 4

I was walking around looking at the chicago river on Lower Wacker drive, which was a new and terrifying experience. And I snapped this shot across the road and through the bridge of Navy Pier. It is so cool what beauty you can find even when you're standing in the darkness.

January 5

I love Christmas lights and decorations, so much so that I am vowing to keep our tree up for at least a couple more months. So it is would be obvious that while stopping in for some pizza at Homeslice pizza in Lincoln Park, I could not stop staring at their ceiling full of lights and glass christmas balls. Couple with a neon sign and it is kind of like my heaven.

January 6

I am still on Christmas break so I have been doing less than nothing most days. Today we watched TV until 3pm then I decided I wanted to go downtown and look at the Chicago River to see if I could get any cool shots. The ice was perfect and there was no one around because it was freezing so I could take as many shots in as many places for as long as I wanted. It was beautiful...other than the "name" on the tower on the middle #disgrace

January 7

On this day I headed with friends to stand in line at 6am at McCormick Place to wait for tickets to President Obama's farewell address. We waited for hours and got nothing. All I can say is- sadness. These are the thousands of us who did not receive tickets.

January 8

The ice downtown on the river was so beautiful that I wanted to see what the Lake looked like. It was majestic, and quiet.

January 9

This is another shot of the city from Belmont Harbor. The city glowed in an orange color like the sky always does after it snows. The ice on the lake combined with the city like and the orange sky makes for a beautiful nighttime sunset-y picture. The serenity after the snow makes you want to slow down everything, breathing, walking. Just stop and look at all that wonderful beauty. ahhh

January 10

Today I stayed in because of the rain and I didn't feel well. The highlights were coffee from the Coffee Studio, here in Andersonville, my guitar and our Christmas tree which I stared at most of the day- I am not taking it down.

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