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As part of our impromptu holiday trip to Tennessee, we visited Gatlinburg for some cabin-living, Smoky Mountain hiking, cinnamon rolls, and beautiful scenery. The town is recovering from a recent fire that devastated so many people and businesses. Gatlinburg is beautiful, yet quietly recovering from the damage. We stayed in the best Airbnb cabin (shout out to Danny and the Sleeping beauty cabin) up in the mountainside, journeyed into town each day for delightful cinnamon rolls at the Breakfast Camp restaurant, and then took our dog Lola out to the Smoky Mountains for hiking during the day. It was our first time in the mountains and hiking, and now we are obsessed. At night we traveled around town and watched the sunset after we traveled up the airtram to Ober Gatlinburg for some night shots. We will be back next time for skiing and more hiking. We love Gatlinburg! Go visit!


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