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Nashville Night Lights #honkytonktown

Last week I was suddenly overcome with the idea of travelling. So, like any true millennial, I took to the internet for budget-friendly travel options. I found pastel-picturesque places with mountains and glaciers, but no local airports meant huge flight costs. I put those on the "To Travel To" list and decided to find someplace with Airbnb that our tiny Prius could take us and Lola (the dog we share our lives with). We settled on Tennessee, a 7.5 hour drive from Chicago. The whole trip would be two nights in Nashville a drive to Gatlinburg in the Smoky Mountains, to stay another two nights before the drive back home to my roots in Baltimore for the holidays. We had never been to any part of Tennessee so this trip was really exciting. The main attractions were my friend Shan (a native Nashvillian), warm weather (it was colder than Chicago and made my bones hurt, and Demetri's right eye wouldn't stop crying), good food, and country music! We got Shan, great BBQ, delicious craft brewed coffee, and country music--3 out of 4 ain't bad y'all! The City House restaurant was to die for (try head cheese, apple sausage pizza, potato kale warm salad). The Barista Parlor was so cool, their craft coffees were so delicious, no sugar or cream needed. The Stillery had delicious mason jar cocktails (anything with Blackberries is welcome in my life). We'll be back in the stop, Smoky Mountains!

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